Suchard Postcard: Canton of Zug Traditional Family Scene with "Lait Condensé"

Immerse yourself in a slice of Swiss heritage with this captivating Suchard postcard from the 1890-1899 period, showcasing a beautifully colored drawing of a family scene set against the backdrop of a blooming orchard. The left half of the card features a man seated on a chair facing left, with a child reaching for a box (possibly containing cookies or chocolates) labeled "Lait Condensé" on a table behind him. A woman, to the left of the man, is pouring a drink, all characters adorned in traditional attire, evoking a sense of warmth and familial bliss.

At the top center, the canton of Zug is proudly represented with its coat of arms, while "Suchard" is prominently displayed on the right top corner of the card, accompanied by a black and white image of a quaint town. This unwritten postcard, dating back to the era of Suchard's iconic advertising in the 1890-1899 period, is a testament to the brand's long-standing tradition of blending exquisite taste with Swiss culture.

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