Postcard "Chocolat Suchard - Souvenir of Ticino"

Experience the charm of Ticino with this enchanting, unwritten postcard from Chocolat Suchard, dating back to the 1890-1899 period. Adorned with "Chocolat Suchard" on the top left and "Souvenir" on the top right, the card features a colorful drawing of a hiker and a vendor, possibly of sticks, set against the backdrop of the beautiful canton of Ticino.

The coat of arms of Ticino and its name, prominently displayed above an elegant grapevine, confirm the location, while "Bellinzona" below, accompanied by a black-grey-white print of the town, further clarifies the specific setting. This unwritten postcard is a beautiful window into life and culture in Ticino at the end of the 19th century, enriched by its association with Suchard's exquisite chocolate.

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