1857 De Gecommissionneerde stukwerkers Ghent

Type: New Years Card

Date: 1857

Text: "Aen de Heeren Inwooners der Stad Gent.  Tot bewijs hunner hoge-achting ter gelegenheyd van het Nieuwjaar."

Translation: "To the Gentlemen Residents of the City of Ghent. As a token of their high esteem on the occasion of the New Year."

From:    The commissioned piece workers Ghent

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Dimension: ± 23,30 x 18,00 cm

Used ink: blue and gold

Lithography: T. and D. Hemelsoet, Ghent

Editor: T. and D. Hemelsoet, Ghent

The photos you see are effectively of this object. The color on the screen may slightly differ from the original lithograph.

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