Polsenaere-Tulpinck 2

Discover a distinctive porcelain card printed by Daveluy, measuring approximately 25 by 17 cm and in good condition.

On the back side: traces of glue.

The front of the card showcases the shopfront of Polsenaere-Tulpinck, specializing in hairdressing services, brush, and perfumery goods. Above the open door, marked with "Salon pour la coupe des cheveux" and "Brosserie & Parfumerie", a hand(glove) and the number E2 37 are displayed. The showcases on either side of the door present an array of hairdressing supplies, including wigs, toupees, brushes, combs, hairpins, perfumes, scarves, fabrics, "Gants de Paris", and "Foulards des Indes". The street name, rue flamande à Bruges, is engraved in blue below the facade, while the drawing of the shop's facade itself is in copper color and grey, with the shop's name in white letters with a golden edge.

Small traces of age.

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Size: Approximately 25.3 x 17.2 cm

No date mentioned.

Material: Porcelain cardboard.

Color: Red copper, gold on a white background.

The lithographer is Daveluy.