Exposition et loterie d'objets d'art - Bruges

Dive into the rich cultural history of Bruges with this unique porcelain card, announcing an exhibition and lottery of art objects in 1841 for the benefit of the city's poor.

Centered on the card is the text "Exposition et loterie d'objets d'art au Profit des Pauvres de la Ville de Bruges; sous le patronage de la Commission de Bienfaisance. 1841."

Above this text, a cornucopia topped with a swan is surrounded by a ribbon listing the names of participating parishes: St Sauveur, Notre Dame, St. Jacques, St Walburga, St Anne, and St Madeleine. Various objects descending from the cornucopia refer to the art objects of the lottery. Below the text, an etching features a statue of a lion holding a coat of arms with the Belfort depicted, flanked by needy people and two hands clasping each other.The back of the card contains practical details for the auction, in both Dutch and French.

This card, measuring 13 by 17.5 cm, was created by the etcher Isidore van Kinsbergen and printed by Daveluy.

The card is still in very good condition.

A must-have for collectors interested in the social history and art of Bruges.

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