Bruges Shop Perquy - Copper print

Discover a unique piece of history with this exquisite advertising card from M. Perquy's store, located in Bruges. Printed by Daveluy in Bruges, this porcelain card is a splendid example of early advertising for "Antique Dolls and Toys". The card features a charming doll in the center, equipped with a rattle and a tambourine-like instrument, surrounded by elegant medallions with text in both French and Dutch. The address 'Wulfhagestr. 27, Bruges' adorns the head of the doll, while the name 'M. Perquy' is presented above the figure in a cartouche topped with a saddled horse. Additional drawings of a knife grinder, a small boat, and a violin enrich the design, with the text "Reflet" in the upper corners, "by appointment" in the lower left corner, and contact numbers in the right corner. The copper-colored ink  gives a warm glow to the elegant texts. This special card, measuring approximately 18 by 14.50 cm is in excellent, near-mint condition.

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Size: 18 x 14,50 cm

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