Railwaystation Bruges

Discover a rare piece of Bruges history with this porcelain card from 1844, featuring a beautiful etching of the railway station. In the distance, the iconic Belfry and cathedral are visible, giving the card a deep historical resonance. To the left of the image, in front of the station, a train with passengers is depicted. In front of the train and the building, there is a fence, and in front of this fencing, people are strolling, depicting a lively scene of everyday life from that era. The etching is set against a yellow-colored background and surrounded by a garland of stems, with "Bruges" at the top and "station du chemin de fer" at the bottom. The card measures 15 by 11.50 cm and is in damaged condition, including damage to the etching itself, which is reflected in the adjusted price. We advise carefully reviewing the photos before purchase. The lithography was produced by De Lay-De Muytter from Bruges.

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