Invitation from boarding school Spermalie, Bruges, Belgium

Discover a unique porcelain card issued by the Spermalie boarding school in Bruges for the annual award ceremony on September 2, 1844. This special print features a female angel with open wings, floating on clouds, with a young lady in a long dress under each arm. The ladies/girls each hold a scroll with the text: "La supérieure du Pensionnat pour jeunes Demoiselles, établi au local de Spermalie, à l'honneur de vous inviter à la distribution solennelle des Prix qui aura lieu le 2 Septembre à 3 heures de relevée. 1844" (The superior of the Boarding School for young Ladies, located in the Spermalie premises, has the honor to invite you to the solemn prize distribution which will take place on September 2 at 3 pm. 1844). Printed by Daveluy, lithographer to the king, Bruges.


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approximately 14 by 10.5 cm


Front: good, but with stains;

Back: traces of glue in the four corners.

We encourage potential buyers to carefully review the photos accompanying this porcelain card to fully appreciate its condition and unique details