Pays ou l'on consomme le Chocolat Baron, Anvers: Australia

Postcard: from the series Pays ou l'on consomme le "Chocolat Baron" Anvers.

- In the United States of America

Date: around 1900.

Condition: see Pictures

Dimension: ± 14 * 9 cm

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Explore the diverse landscapes of 'Australia' with this detailed postcard from the series 'Pays où l'on consomme le "Chocolat Baron" Anvers'. This card captures a scene of hunters in the Australian wilderness, featuring horseback and on-foot hunters with their dogs, and two kangaroos in the distance. It offers a glimpse into the outdoor activities and wildlife unique to Australia, presented with the artistic touch characteristic of the early 20th century.

In the middle of the drawing, at the level of 'AUSTRALIA,' there is a small damage (under the paw of the brown dog).