Musical Children and Flowers - Card No. 24

Unveil a captivating slice of advertising history with card number 24, a unique, large chromo from Chocolat Baron, a gem for any collector. Measuring approximately 20 by 29.50 cm, this special item, likely once adorning a chocolate bar display, is crafted from sturdy cardboard with a glossy finish that brings its vibrant colors and intricate details to life.

Center stage in this delightful depiction are two joyful children amidst a flourishing climbing plant adorned with pink and blue flowers. One child, brimming with enthusiasm, plays a drum, while a girl in a light blue dress with a white pinafore delights in playing a tambourine, which proudly showcases "Chocolat Baron." The scene is enriched with a pan flute and tambourine, symbolizing the harmony of musical joy.

Distinguished by its découpé design, with cutouts between the stems and leaves for a three-dimensional effect and outer edges tracing the flora's contours, this chromo is a testament to aesthetic allure. Printed by the Berliner Kunstdruck und Verlagsanstalt, formerly A.u.C Kaufmann Berlin, this piece not only celebrates the legacy of Chocolat Baron but also the craftsmanship of historical printmaking.

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It is a "die-cut" card, on hard cardboard. The photo is taken against a black background, making everything clearly visible for you.

Dimensions: Approximately 20 cm x 29.50 cm

Card Number: 24

Printing House: Berliner Kunstdruck- und Verlagsanstalt vorm. A. u. C. Kaufmann, Berlin