Types de vaisseaux de guerre - Warships (S. 502)

War - Military

Various types of warships from five different countries in Europe and one from America at the end of the 19th century.

Liebig's chromos show how they looked around 1897.

  1. England with the battleship “Thunder”
  2. Germany with the ship "Wörth"
  3. Italy with her ship "L'Italia"
  4. Austria with the "Maria Theresia"
  5. France with the ship "Dupuy de Lôme"
  6. America with the warship "New York"

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Language: French

Complete: Yes, 6 cards

Condition: Good

Edition: Original (no reproduction)

Year of issue: 1897

Publisher:  Liebig Company, Antwerp, Belgium

Distributed in: Belgium

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