The Republic San Marino (S. 1102)

Language: German

Complete: Yes, 6 cards

Condition: Fair

Edition: Original (no reproduction)

Year of issue: 1914-1920

Publisher:  Liebig Company, Antwerp

Distributed in: Germany

Note: The accompanying photos are effective from this item

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In these chromos, the Republic of San Marino is depicted as it was seen during the early 20th century, the period around the First World War. During that time, people got to know the republic through its key landmarks.

As always with these beautiful vintage, actually antique prints in six parts:

  1. The Civic Guard around the turn of the century
  2. Mount Titano
  3. The Town Hall
  4. The Castle
  5. A view of the capital and the coat of arms of the Republic
  6. The inauguration of the Captains Regent

On the back, you can find more information about what you can see on the front of the cards.

Catalogue     Number                                                       
Sanguinetti  1102
Fada 1107