Our Grandmothers (S. 787)

Advertisement – Liebig

Our grandmothers in the 19th century, beautifully depicted in these picturesque chromos.

  1. 1800-1810
  2. 1810-1820
  3. 1820-1830
  4. 1830-1840
  5. 1840-1850
  6. 1850-1860

The back of these cards provides us a glimpse into the General Depot of the Liebig Company in Antwerp. From filling the Liebig jars to packing them up for transportation to all corners of the country.

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Language: French

Complete: Yes, 6 cards


Edition: Original (no reproduction)

Year of issue: 1904

Publisher:  Liebig's Company, Antwerp

Distributed in: Belgium

Note: The accompanying photos are effective from this item

Catalogus Nummer                                                         
Sanguinetti 787
Fada 787