Le caoutchouc (S987)- Rubber

Language: French

Complete: Yes, 6 cards

Condition:  Very Good

Edition: Original (no reproduction)

Year of issue: 1910

Publisher: Liebig's Company

Distributed in: Belgium

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Dive into the fascinating world of rubber with Liebig's chromo series no. 987 from 1910, "Rubber". This series of six prints reveals the historical and cultural aspects of rubber, from its discovery to extraction and use:

  1. Christopher Columbus: On his second journey, Columbus observes natives playing with rubber balls, an early testimony to the use of rubber.
  2. Incisions in Trees: Workers make incisions in rubber trees to collect the precious sap.
  3. Smoking of Fresh Rubber Sap: The smoking process of fresh rubber sap, a crucial step in rubber processing.
  4. Extraction of Rubber in Africa: Shows the methods used for rubber extraction in Africa, highlighting the geographical spread of rubber production.
  5. Return of the Collectors: The collectors return to their village with harvested rubber, a glimpse into the daily reality of rubber production.
  6. Purchase by the Natives: The final print illustrates the trade of rubber, where natives sell their collected rubber.
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Sanguinetti  987
Fada 986