La storia del costume femminile -The history of women's clothing (S. 886)

Advertisement - Liebig

Six beautiful prints depicting the history of women's clothing.

  1. Giulia, the wife of Emperor Titus, surrounded by her court ladies (80 A.D.)
  2. Enrico Frauenlob, also known as Heinrich von Meißen, was a German poet and minstrel (1280)
  3. Queens Elizabeth and Marie Stuart (1587)
  4. Dutch/Hollandic patricians (1640)
  5. Maria Theresa receives Mrs. Geoffrin (1770)
  6. Maria-Amelia of France welcomes guests to her country house (1845)

On the back of the cards, there is a brief description of the image on the front.

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Language: Italian

Complete: Yes, 6 cards

Condition: Good, the back of the cards contains traces of glue

Edition: Original (no reproduction)

Year of issue: 1907

Publisher:  Liebig's Company

Distributed in: Italy

Note: The accompanying photos are effective from this item

Catalogue Number                                                     
Sanguinetti 886
Fada 885