Herbal Drinks (S. 1579)

Language: Dutch - Belgium "Gezondheidsdranken" (Liebig)

                  Dutch - The Netherlands "Kruidendranken" (OXO)

                 French "Les Tisanes"

Complete: Yes, 6 cards

Condition: Very Good 

Edition: Original (no reproduction)

Year of issue: 1953

Publisher:  Liebig Company

Distributed in: Belgium

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  • Dutch (Nl)
  • Flemish (B)
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Discover the healing power of herbs with Liebig series number 1579*, “Health Drinks”. This unique collection revives the traditional knowledge of herbal drinks, focusing on six specific herbs: linden and licorice, Roman chamomile and peppermint, verbena and anise, lemon balm and marshmallow (althaea), lavender and rosemary, and the orange tree with maté. Each card beautifully illustrates not only the beauty of these herbs but also their application across different cultures throughout history for health and well-being.

*Catalog numbering Sanguinetti, 2016.

Catalogue     Number                                                       
Sanguinetti  1579
Fada 1577