Carriages - Gespänne (S. 538)


Modes of transportation with horses as the pulling animals. Sporty, for leisure, or simply practical.

A team or a carriage, these lithographs by Liebig name six of them.

  1. A single horse: trotting with a sulky.
  2. Two-horse team: the bridal carriage.
  3. Three-horse team: the troika.
  4. Four-horse team: the mail coach.
  5. Five-horse team: at the circus.
  6. Six-horse team: for the court.
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Language: German

Complete: Yes, 6 cards

Condition: Good

Edition: Original (no reproduction)

Year of issue: 1897

Publisher:  Liebig's Company, Antwerp, Belgium

Distributed in: Germany

Note: The accompanying photos are effective from this item

Catalogue Number                                                         
Sanguinetti 538
Fada 539